About Us

TransWorks Electro Mechanical Cont LLC is a fast growing and professionally managed Electro-mechanical company. We are a diverse organization of technical specialists providing multidisciplinary services in the field of mechanical and electrical needs.

We are dedicated to the principles of professional electro-mechanical engineering competence, excellent performance, and the application of advanced state-of-the-art technical knowledge to meet our client's needs.

Our ultimate goal is the delivery of professional, high-quality services and a total project management approach, to meet our client's needs within budget and schedule requirements.

The services we offer wide range from installation and commissioning of all kinds of Air Conditioning required for commercial, Industrial and complete solutions of air conditioning for computer/server rooms apart from professional electrical and mechanical services on large and complex projects.

At TransWorks Electro Mechanical Contracating LLC Our primary aim are:

Building  Identify Our Client's Needs.

Building  Deliver cost-effective services.

Building  Prudently utilize project resources.

Building  Provide high-quality work.

Building  Achieve specific and successful results.

Close attention is given to thorough and effective communications between our project team managers and our clients. The emphasis we place on effective communication has repeatedly demonstrated its value in ongoing relationships with our clients. Such relationships are essential to providing quality services.

TransWorks Electro Mechanical Cont LLC has the expertise and professional experience to provide you with the high level of electro-mechanical required to meet successful project.

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TransWorks Electro Mechanical L.L.C, P.O Box 12745, Ajman, United Arab Emirates

Mobile: 050-2160079 / 050-7822603 Tel: 06-7489931 Fax: 06-7489932 Email: info@transworksuae.com