Raised Access Floors & Laminate Floors

Access floors have become an industry standard in applications for control room environments where the need to manage wiring and static is critical. Raised floors offer the flexibility in this environment for computer rooms.

Here are several reasons to choose a raised floor in a Control Room:

Building  Access floors distribute heavy weights of equipment equally.

Building  Access floors manage the spaghetti of wires around control equipment and offer a safe environment for personnel (no tripping)

Building  Access floors manage airflow to sensitive equipment

Building  Access floors provide grounding

Building  Access floors provide the needed flexibility for ever changing control rooms processing equipment

Building  Access floors can be rotated, maximizing surface wear in heavy caster wear areas, extending the life of the floor

Building  Service outlets cut-in easy.

Most computer centers have a surface covering known as High Pressure Laminate(HPL). HPL has become the standard in computer room design because of its ease of maintenance and its unique ability to dissipate static electricity.

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